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Z-Wave Series: AHAM Study

In this post, we’re going to briefly revisit a study done back in October by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM, for short). The project evaluated a host of communication standards for home appliance control. You can find all … Continue reading

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Z-Wave Series: Why do standards matter anyway?

There are plenty of resources out there for discovering the intricate differences between the many home networking technologies being deployed today. There’s also no shortage of competing opinions on the matter of which is best for cutting costs and adding … Continue reading

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Z-Wave Series: Concrete and Brick Buildings

Earlier this year, Frostdale decided to join the Z-Wave Alliance (and was the first manufacturer in South Korea to do so!) in order to make our products compatible with the low power, low cost wireless platform. But despite Z-Wave’s rapid … Continue reading

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Endorsement: The Digital Tips Energy Calculator

A practical start to solving the mystery of where your energy costs are coming from can be found at the Digital Tips site where they provide an Energy Calculator for many common home electronics. Here, prices are estimated based on … Continue reading

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How should we calculate electricity costs?

Introduction Like most other goods and services, electricity prices depend largely on the market forces of supply and demand. These, in turn, are shaped by geographic and climatic factors as well as the availability of competing alternatives. Because of the … Continue reading

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