Z-Wave Series: AHAM Study

In this post, we’re going to briefly revisit a study done back in October by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM, for short). The project evaluated a host of communication standards for home appliance control. You can find all of the study’s conclusions here. But, as part of our series on Z-Wave for home control, we’re going to take a look at those areas where this particular technology excelled.

For the following three items, Z-Wave performed exceptionally well in the application layer segment of each category.

● Accepted technology in the marketplace

The technology’s pervasiveness in the marketplace, its proven interoperability, and maturity for the mass market contributed to scores in this category. Z-Wave scored high in this category for its compatibility with smart grid goals and for its acceptance in the marketplace.

● Minimal extra hardware and software required

Scores in this category were contingent upon add-ons and extras needed for the network to function. Because Z-Wave networks can function without server support and even without a PC (although the capabilities of Z-Wave networks can be enhanced by these additions), the technology scored at the top of this category.

● Easy to maintain

This category sought to determine how easily technicians and consumers could retrieve updates for their software. Z-Wave performed well in this category for recognizing the need for periodic updates, and providing reliable channels to obtain them.

It is worth noting that the study centered on a technology’s suitability for smart grid applications, and although it didn’t pick Z-Wave for the front runner position, this is an area where Z-Wave is consistently gaining ground.

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