Making the switch to more energy efficient homes

With our Z-Wave product launch nearing, we’ve had a very positive response from potential customers. At the same time, they often ask precisely how end-users can benefit most from the built-in energy and room temperature monitoring features in our wireless switches.

Here, we’re going to share just a few of the applications we frequently suggest.

temperature sensors:

Monitor areas where no thermostat is installed: In any home, temperatures vary according to exposure to natural light and ventilation. For areas such as a child’s bedroom or wine cellar, the switch data may be more useful than the reading on a centrally located thermostat.

Trigger climate control events: Because even the best designed HVAC systems heat and cool a home unevenly, a room by room approach can lead to greater efficiency. For custom integrators, this temperature data may be the starting point for more intelligent heating and cooling systems.

Confirm a security event: In most homes, meals gone awry tend to trigger the smoke detector from time to time. We suggest using data from the temperature sensors and an integrated smoke or fire detector as a reference point to root out some of these false alarms.

energy sensors:

View real time energy consumption: Numerous studies show that consumers are far more likely to reduce their consumption, when they can see how energy is being used. With access to real time energy usage data for lighting and appliances connected to each switch, end users are able to easily identify where they’re using the most.

Show real time cost of energy use: Where pricing data is available, real time cost can be linked with energy usage data for individual switches and appliances. Essentially, usage data is translated from watts, a language few understand, to one everyone does: money.

Allow customers to set goals for energy and cost savings: A combination of this data can be combined to allow end users to set personal goals for how they use energy at home. Users can then track their progress from month to month, or at just about any interval they like.

This list may not have covered all of the potential applications for these switches. So, for any creative integrators, installers, or home control aficionados out there, we’d love to hear your suggestions.

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