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Wireless technologies make it possible for national service brands to enter US home automation market

This year has brought a number of big announcements, with Verizon, Comcast, ADT, and others declaring their official entry into the home automation business. Their presence is an endorsement of the readiness of wireless technologies for mass deployment, and may … Continue reading

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Why we’re likely to see more wireless building automation in the next few years

Last month, ABI Research released a much talked about report titled “No New Wires Technologies to Drive Home Automation Market.” In a summary of the report’s findings, ABI Practice Director, Sam Lucero, directs attention to the merit of wireless systems … Continue reading

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Practical-minded home automation may help you wake up feeling more refreshed

In eras gone by, before electric lighting became ubiquitous, journal records indicate that people slept far more. This wasn’t just because there wasn’t anything else to do. Their schedules were closely linked to the presence of natural light, and changed … Continue reading

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Frostdale’s wireless lighting controls now on display in Essen, Germany

Seoul, Korea (July 4, 2011) – Frostdale is pleased to announce that its wireless lighting controls are now on display in Essen, Germany at the red dot museum. The nanogrid™ switches will be featured in a special exhibition titled “Design … Continue reading

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