A smart home not for you? Think again.

There are plenty of tangible benefits to a smarter home, but maybe you’re still convinced that one isn’t for you. Maybe you think a smart home sounds too futuristic or too impractical. That’s fine. But there are plenty of ways that smart homes offer more permanent solutions to some of the temporary workarounds we’ve already incorporated into our daily lives.

What follows are just a few of the really routine problems low-priced, low-powered wireless home automation can solve. What’s not mentioned is the convenience, comfort, and cost-savings a smart home can also provide.

1. The Problem: Your Kids Can’t Reach the Light Switch

A typical light switch is about 4 feet – or 1.2 meters – from the floor. For most adults, this is a convenient height. Children, on the other hand, have a tough time with it. Step stools are too dangerous, and coming to the rescue every time a light needs switching on or off is impractical. Extensions do exist for toggle switches, but they’re not very appealing.

The Smart Home Solution:

This is a problem that is easily fixed with a Z-Wave switch, an affordable motion sensor installed in an entryway or below the switch itself, and a few minutes of your time.

2. The Problem: You’ve Got Your Hands Full

Have you ever tried to unlock the door with an armful of groceries? It’s not an easy task. If you happen to drop the keys, things only get more complicated.

The Smart Home Solution:

A Z-Wave lock, for example, which allows you to unlock the door from the car via your smartphone would elimate a lot of this unnecessary frustration.

3. The Problem: You Need a Spare Key

There’s a robust market for fake rocks, sprinkler heads, and other gimmicks in which you can hide a spare house key. One can assume that this solution works best for kids who don’t like to carry keys or for those times when you lose your keyring. The problem, of course, is that someone could see you fetching the key in that fake rock or perhaps even find it on their own.

The Smart Home Solution:

With a Z-Wave lock, you’d be able to get in with a secure passcode entered via your smartphone or the door itself.

4. The Problem: Potential Hazards

If you aren’t completely sure that you’ve unplugged the iron or turned off the coffee pot, the feeling can be unsettling. So much so that sometimes you’re forced to turn around and go back home to check.

The Smart Home Solution:

Adding a Z-Wave appliance module between your iron, coffee pot, or other potential safety hazard would allow you to check and make any necessary adjustments from the road.

5. The Problem: Hectic Mornings

For working parents, getting everyone ready and to the door can be a challenge in itself. Trying to make sure all of the lights and appliances used that morning are switched off complicates things even further.

The Smart Home Solution:

If all of those lights and appliances were integrated into a single, manageable network, you’d be able to walk out the door, drop the kids off at school, and check to make sure everything is off when you arrive at the office.

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