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The SAVE Act opens a new chapter in the relationship between energy efficiency and home value

Though prior attempts have been made to attach a precise value to energy efficiency at the whole home level, there has never been a broadly accepted standard. The Sensible Accounting to Value Energy Act (SAVE), currently being considered in the … Continue reading

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Wireless systems reduce the cost of submetering, making way for energy savings

In big cities, older buildings with outdated wiring schemes tend to cost a lot more to heat, cool, and illuminate than more modern multi-family dwellings. Last year, a New York Times article titled “Air-Conditioners That Run When Nobody’s Home” highlighted … Continue reading

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How should we calculate electricity costs?

Introduction Like most other goods and services, electricity prices depend largely on the market forces of supply and demand. These, in turn, are shaped by geographic and climatic factors as well as the availability of competing alternatives. Because of the … Continue reading

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