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Wireless providers poised to bridge smart grid – smart home communication gap

How exactly the power grid of tomorrow will look is still being decided. But several key developments over the past few months indicate that one industry may play an influential role in making the smart grid concept an eventual reality. … Continue reading

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Shifting trends in home entertainment may boost Z-Wave tech

By nearly all industry analysts’ estimates, the shipments of Zigbee-based smart meters are set to explode over the next few years. This is often cited as one of the more unfavorable conditions stacked up against Z-Wave, a competing wireless technology. … Continue reading

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Home automation and the smart grid play complimentary roles

What is smart grid HAN? For newcomers to the discussion, HAN (or home area networking) is the concept of adding all devices in the home to a single network. The point of this is to make them more accessible, which … Continue reading

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